How Do You Know If You Found Your Soul Mate?

What To Look For In A Soul Mate

Are you often times wondering if the person you are with is your Soul Mate?

There are some things you can look for that might give you some insight into this very important question!

Is this the person you feel deep down in your heart and soul is THE only person that makes you feel whole, loved, and complete? If you answer yes then you are probably with your Soul Mate.

Do you see yourself with this person for the rest of your life? That sounds like a very long time but in all reality it is not as long as you may think. Our lives go by in an blink of an eye really and if you are with your Soul Mate your life should feel like everyday is an adventure, you want to share all your thoughts and dreams with this person. You want to know everything that makes them who they are, on a spiritual level, on a romantic level, and on a friendship level. After all, this person should be your very best friend if they are truly your Soul Mate.

Just because you feel that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is your Soul Mate, this does not mean that everyday is a stroll in the park.  You may have your differences and such but in the end you always know that this person's got your back, you never have to doubt that for a second!!

You will know one another so well that you will feel each other's feelings, happiness, sadness, stress and worry. Your mate will not even have to open their mouth and you will just have an innate intuition about how their day went and you will always be there to offer each other comfort and love.

Some people believe that you can have more than one soul mate in a lifetime. Not every soulmate is destined to be with you forever.  Some people believe if you let someone free, and they come back, then it's meant to be! I believe if you truly find your soul mate then, more than likely no matter what happens in life, somehow, someway, the universe will find a way to bring you back together, if not in this lifetime, perhaps in another!

Which brings me to another point, do you ever get the feeling that you have known this person forever? Do you get moments of Deja vu?  It very well could be that the two of you have been together in a previous life.  Some people just feel like home to us, and some people feel like we can't imagine our life without them in it! I believe this really happens quite frequently with the people we consider to be our soul mate.

Ultimately, there is a sense of calm when you are with your soul mate and that is something most people are always struggling to obtain one way or another, this is something that is almost other worldly compared to perhaps other previous relationships that you may have been involved in.  If you are blessed enough to find you soul mate just thank the heavens above, not everyone meets their soul mate in this life time, but if you believe in several lifetimes, then maybe you'll get lucky and meet them in your next life!

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