I am Miss Sage and I am a first rate Tarot Card Reader with 20 years of experience! I am an expert Dream Interpreter and Empath. I will feel what it is you are going through.


Love & Relationships

  • Love & Soulmates
  • Restore Connection
  • Cheating & Affairs
  • Help with Ex-Lovers
  • Relationship Reading
  • Marriage Reading
  • Family & Children Problems

Career & Finances

  • Problems at Work
  • Raise & Promotion
  • Choosing New Career
  • Business Problems
  • Resolve Financial Problems
  • Bring Financial Growth
  • Finding Meaning in Life

Dream Interpretation

  • Interpreting Dreams
  • Connect with Inner Yourself
  • Restore Clarity in Life
  • Find Happiness
  • Find Your Path
  • Dreams & Spirituality
  • Visualizations in Dreams

About Me

Hi! I am Miss Sage and I am a world renowned Tarot Card Reader with over 20 years of experience.

I use Spirit to help guide me with your reading as we embark on a journey that will lead us to all the answers to your problems and leave you at the end of your reading with a sense of peace.

I never forget a voice, so we will become friends as your happiness and satisfaction means the world to me!

I also can use my Clairvoyance gifts during our reading. Since a very early age I have had the gift of being a Clairvoyant, and since then I have dramatically developed my skills.

If you are looking for a dream interpretation I can help you in discovering the true meaning to your dreams or nightmares. I really believe our dreams can hide parts of our true selves that only come to the surface when we are in deep sleep.

If you believe in the power of crystals, I will use my crystals during our time together as well. The crystals can provide many healing properties that I can pick up on and in turn can help you with!

Out of all the gifts that I possess I like to think that my gift of being there for you when you really need someone to listen to you and help guide you to the answers that you are looking for is my strongest gift and desire!

Hope to speak with you soon and may Spirit be with you always!


Miss Sage


Ms. Sage,

Psychic & Love Specialist

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